Due to the increase popularity of comic book movies like Batman, Iron Man etc geek culture things like comic cons and cosplay are rapidly increasing in popularity.

It could be a good idea to run an event at Create Oldham based around cosplay and general geekyness trying to maximise on the popularity of it.
At the event we could have little cool projects that people can come to and learn how to bulid stuff like there own Iron Man suit etc.
It can be potentially structured on a weekly/monthly basis  with one project/talk that can be completed on the day as well a incorporating another long term project people can build onto over the following weeks.

Potential ideas and projects can be

“Print” Your Own Iron Man Suit 
Bulid a Portal Turrent with a Arduino 
Make Dalek Bob Mobile 
Other possibles / Spit balling
  • Make a Captain America shield
  • Zombie Make Up
  • General FX Make Up
  • Costume making and leather work
  • Established Cos-player talks / guest

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