First off a great thank you to everyone who showed up, hopefully we can make this a regular thing in the coming year.

On Wednesday the 26th of November we had our first WordPress Group MeetUp hosted at the Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence and presented by Mike Little of WordPress.

In the three hour seminar we talked all things WordPress, blogging and business, security and presentation, along will discussing and all manner ot tips and tricks to getting a site up and running effectively.

We had a decent turn out, almost filling the room without having to try, and we look forwards to seeing you all again in the coming months as we get more speakers along with a few mini workshops in order to get this part of the community running.

A big thanks to Shaun and Jeffrey for staying late to let us use the space and we hope you’ll have us all again.

Our next WordPress Group MeetUp has yet to be decided but visit our website and our MeetUps page for updates for the comming year.  We still gather every 2nd Tuesday at the Bank Top Taven in Oldham to plot and scheme of the future, a glorious future, where we shall rule over the lands with an IRON FIST!…..


See you all in the new year, and have a happy Christmas from Create Oldham.