New year, new Create the Library event.

Today was the first of our code club events, with our very first student able to pick Andys brain almost exclusively as she made her way through a few basic programs.  Remember if you have a child, grandchild, small horde or (shudders) teenagers without anything to do on the 28th of February, sign them up and send them along to the Library to learn how to code.


Big Thank you to Claire Dodd (STEM Ambassador) who came along and helped with the code club.

Storage Preview

Digital Storage.

Sat over by the glass wall overlooking the reception area Dave was busy working away on a 3D project fo the Library itself, along with demonstrating a few computer generated renders created using CAD software and showing off the progress of a Map Building project for another member of the team.

Martin and Ben discussed all things Python (Linux) including LXML and XPATH, used in super large and information rich databases (sounds fancy, but that description doesn’t do it justice).   It was quite and interesting discussion as it highlighted a few blind spots in our understanding of Linux, which has now spurred us on to arrange a workshop as soon as we can.

And finally (but by no means least) we are entering the Libraries Upcycle Competition.  Call in, pick up one of the books they have on offer (ask at the front desk where they are) and join in.  Competition ends on the 7th of February so you have ONE WEEK….. sorry, TWO WEEKS to get your entries in.


We are currently working to get a few projects in partnership with Oldham Library up and running, so watch this space as these plans develop.

Our event planner and suggestion box is still open for ideas, as is our recruitment page for people to teach a class.  More events will be added to our MeetUps in the comming weeks and months so check back ever week or so for updates.

Until next time.