Welcome one and all.

We have a quick announcement for the Tuesday Board games Night for tonight (03 March).  We are moving the event from Area 51 to the Bank Top Tavern (Ignore the location provided by this months Meet-Up notifications).  We are looking for alternate venues for the coming months, but due to the time of day and limited number of suitable locations open at that time, we will likely be using the Bank Top Tavern for the time being.
As to the folks at Area 51, we wish them all the best and hope they can find another location to set up shop.

We’d like to thank everyone who showed up for our Create the Library event on Saturday, for the parents and kids who showed for the code club, and the many enthusiasts who came along to see what we had on offer (so far, more is being planned and put together).  Over winter the event had few attendees, so it was great to see attendance well up on our first Spring event.

Saturday was an interesting day for everyone involved.  With Code club keeping Andy P busy for almost the entire day, we had Andy H showing off the start of an Iron Man costume in the form of two helmets (One adult, one child).

We also had our recently acquired Occulus Rift up and running for people to try out (and run away from screaming!), terrifying children and teenagers whilst delighting adults of all ages.  We’ll be sure to provide a safe ‘Run Screaming’ corridor for next time (we had a few near impacts this time around).

Dave brought along the first few months segments of his 3D printer subscription, assembling the platter armature with Jake, as well as showing off (literally showing off) the 3D Map and other projects being put together by our amateur 3D artist.

All in all a solid event to kick the new year into touch, heres hoping for many more.

As for tonight we shall be playing board and card games, so come on down and join in the fun.  We should also be discussing the Create Linux group with a potential organiser to get the group started, so watch this space.

We hope to see you all there.