New to createer spaces? you might want to go here first

It’s official, we have our first space!

World domination (starting locally for convenience sake) begins on the 18th of April.  This is NOT an aprils fools.


The workshop used to be a joiners but has never been cleaned of the dust which covers most surfaces, and needs to be cleared before we open officially.  As you can see from the pictures, the space is being used to fix bicycles by the current resident, so we have to wait for him to move out before we can the cleaning in earnest.


We hope to get in some time between the 10th and the 17th to clear the wood dust out before the big event (just so we’re all not breathing it all in as we renovate).  A team of volunteers led by David Soponski (sign up here if you want to volunteer, or view out todo list) will perform this task with masks and a power vacuum and other cleaning gear.


For those who have already volunteered, thank you, we’ll be in touch once we have a confirmed date.

For the opening event, a number of (second hand) hand and power tools have already been donated to get the space up and running.  What we need from you (other than a few helping hands to get it whipped into shape) are ideas and projects to get space used from day 1 (day 3 by the latest, depending on how good we all are at cleaning).


(Note: First and Second Tuesdays are still being held at the Bank Top Tavern.  Though we will have a workshop it will hardly be comfortable for more social activities.)

Until then, get cracking on your projects.