Just a quick update to let you all know what’s going on over the next few weeks.

Because the Bookmark Festival is on the 25th of April (the last saturday of the month) we will NOT be hosting Create the Library this month as the space will be in use.  We do however encourge people to go along anyway and enjoy the event in our absense.  This also means no Code Club for April (our apologies for not saying so earlier).

Mr Bloom (from CBBC) will be at the Library too so if you have small children you should take them along.

So what will we be up to then?

Building, tinkering, making and organising.

As most of you wil know we have a few projects on the go that, until very recently, needed a space to build them in and certain equipment to begin construction.  We now have the first, and should shortly be aquiring the second, so its likely that we will be busy.

We are at the Bank Top Tavern again on the 14th (this coming Tuesday) for another general Meet Up to hopefully generate more ideas and community projects for the next few months (as we now have a space, we can get building).

On the 18th of the month we shall be opening the Workspace up proper for an open day, mainly to spruce the place up and decorate (the latter mainly involving putting up shelves).

As always, as we are a community we need suggestions from you all for events and projects to run so if you have an idea, let us know through the contact page.