May is upon us and so is the new Create Oldham schedule!

Now that we have a Createspace cleaned and mostly organised we think now is the time to get it up and running.  Our new schedule is as follows:

Look at all that space.  Something MUST be done.

Look at all that space. Something MUST be done.

As you can see, there is room for improvement.  And by that we mean we need more activities in the space.

Every Mondays from 6-9pm we will be in the space for anyone to come in and use the space, propose activities to the organisers and meet fellow members.

The Second Tuesday of the Month is our Meet-Up at the Bank Top Tavern to kickstart projects in our community and congregate with members.

Our Second Saturday of the Month is our Maker Day.  What’s a Maker Day?  Come along and find out!

Our Third Tueday is Craftycreate day (Not show in picture as it was just arranged whilst writing this post – More information on this event in a later post).

Third Wednesday of the Month, why that’s Oldham Jelly, a day of networking and co-working for people and businesses alike.

Boardgames night has been switched to the Fourth Wednesday of the Month (to help spread out events) at its regular times.

And as usual, the last Saturday of the Month we are at the Library.

Got an event you want to run on a day that’s free?  Let us know, we’ll make the arrangements.