I’ve been playing around with this almost as long as we have had the 3d printers, and now that most of the work in getting the space open I’ve finally had chance to get things moving.

e-Nable is an organisation that links makers and children who need prosthetic hands and helps them produce functional 3d printed prosthetic hands that cost approximately £30 to create.

This is my first attempt at putting one together, its a bit rough as I’ve printed it at a low quality to save time and material but so far its been a simple enough process. (although the eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of the proximal phalanges and the wrong way round at the moment)

The next step is to make it work, it uses elastic cords to work like muscles and tendons, there is a parts list on the site, but its based on US stores so I’ll need to source all the parts in the UK to keep the costs down.

Once Ive worked out the UK equivalent parts, I’ll post and update and also submit the list to e-Nable.

Once I have a fully working model, I’ll be contacting e-Nable to see if anyone in the UK is in need of one of these prosthetics.

More info : http://enablingthefuture.org/