Today was the first anniversary of #Createthelibrary, to be honest we had completely forgot but Andrea Ellison (Library Manager) reminded us on the way out.


Our new laptops

Today started off as a test of our new laptops, that we kindly donated by an anonymous benefactor,  we’ve spent this week installing operating systems etc as ex corporate machines they were completely erased when we got them.

We set up a small network using a mobile phone for DHCP (going to use an old router next time) and set up a game of Artemis which was soon taken over by the young ones.

Kids playing Artemis

Kids playing Artemis

Artemis is a a multi player start ship simulator, there will be more about this in the future, but the basics are players take roles, such as engineering and weapons and control these systems via individual computers while another player takes the role of captain, with no computer and must manage the ship, by managing their crew.


IMG_9160Later Tony brought in his 3d Printed Proton accelerator he made for a fancy dress party, He designed and printed it himself, and built the custom electronics that control all the LED lights.

If you would like your own, you can download the design on thingiverse, it currently gets about 200 downloads a month, but its not for the faint of heart, It’s easily 6 months work, and several roles of filament.

Meanwhile back in the space the Wargamers were busy… well wargaming, but I’m sure they’ll blog there own day later.