IMG_9381Yesterday our #FutureMakers tried their hand at making Frankentoys to raise money for Children in Need, if you have seen the Toy Story films you’ll be familiar with the idea but for those who have not I’ll explain.

The idea of FrankenToys is to take old broken toys take them apart and combine the parts to make monstrous new creations like Frank here, he combines two Action Man type figures some meccano and a 3d printed head and brain.

Members of the space gave their time to help the kids, and the kids who came along made small donations from their pocket money raising nearly £40 for children in need.

Not only did the kids take toys apart and rebuild them we also explored how electronic toys worked, we bypassed the control mechanisms of two old remote control cars that were missing their controllers to allow the motors to be connected directly to the battery packs, allowing them to race without the remote controls (although I’m not sure if that propellor is helping or hindering..

All this allowed the kids to explore how things worked, and use their imaginations to make new creations, all while supporting a worth cause.