I decided last year while Create Oldham was in it’s kindling to build a quad copter. It is much like a helicopter but quad means 4 e.g 4 propellers. so it begins after ages putting it off for…..reasons.

first things was general sizes and dimensions, I say general as it’s a universal system now, you could if you wanted take the motor from one quad copter and put it on another as i found out. This has helped greatly to find parts as one size fits most as long as it’s not too disproportionate. so I ordered a bunch of stuff as follows

carbon fibre propellers…..they spin

the brain of my quad copter the flight controller

the frame, basic model as I said universal system many parts of all types will fit on this

and finally the electronic speed control, one for each motor so the flight controller can regulate RPM (revolutions per minute)

I still have plenty more to do and a word of warning should your try this MOTORS ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE so choose wisely, I still haven’t got mine yet making sure I get some decent ones before taking that plunge