On Saturday the 30th of April we had the pleasure of a visit from Mitch Altman, and Jimmy Rodgers to the space, where Mitch delivered is Soldering is Easy workshop to a crown of both createspace members and first time visitors.


Mitch and Jimmie

Mitch has delivered his workshop to some 60,000 individuals in createspaces all over the world, he admits he lost count of the number of spaces he has visited, at 250+ he lost track.

The day started with some background from Mitch and Jimmy and an explanation of the various kits that had brought with them for people to work on.

Kits ranged from simple colour changing lights to more complicated sets including TV-b-gone.  (sorry PC World, we may have suggested you were a good place to test this)

Once everyone had selected the projects they wanted to build Mitch gave a demonstration on how to solder, which is actually far easier than you may think once you have been shown the right technique, which can be found in Mitch’s comic.


Mitch demonstrates the perfect solder

Everybody then set about working on their own projects, with Mitch and Jimmie on hand to help and advise.

The youngest to attend this particular workshop were 10, but Mitch has taught soldering to far younger than that.

Part of the beauty of Mitch’s workshop is the fact that his material (the comic above) is open source, so if there is call for it, we can deliver more workshops, and teach even more people to solder, so if this is something that you would want to try then please let us know.

Last but not least, Big thanks to Mitch and Jimmie for sparing us their time and expertise, from the feedback we got its clear they inspired a couple more createers in the making.

You can find more photos from the event in our flickr.


Big thanks to MadLab for the loan of the soldering irons, we couldn’t have done it without you.