I decided one day while trudging the wastes of the game fallout to build the power armour. I looked at all kinds of home methods first using cups and boxes but none gave the true shape of the helmet or other parts. I knew I could do better so I looked for better, that is when I found pepakura

It is a wonderful piece of software to upload 3D models into and unfold to make a net, as you would a box fold and glue together to make a 2D shape into a 3D shape. It does have it’s own model building built in but it isn’t very good, for this build I didn’t make any of the 3D shapes that honour goes to someone named Road warrior which I managed to download from.

stuff you need to do this

-card lots of it, the thicker the better



-glue, I used a basic glue stick it seemed okay, I would recommend hot glue for a good solid hold

polyurethane mix, or other polymer hardening substances

so the fun began all I needed was card, a printer and about 4 hours free time to cut out all the individual pieces. Then fold and glue for another week of work until I had this (music recommended to stop boredom)

from this it was ready for hardening,  I used a 2 part polyurethane it was a wet mix but dried in minutes are hard plastic substance, if you would do this I recommend  getting a big box of cheap paint brushes as the polyurethane hardening will also harden the brush, below is the helmet still wet and HOT it is an exothermic reaction meaning it will give off a lot of heat.

a couple of coats was needed for a good solid piece, and after a day or two it was hard enough to cut out the eye sockets and wear! yay

all in so far i have spent about £50 on materials for this ( if i bought all of it myself anyway) props like this would normally be sold for £200+ because people want to do cosplay, paint and finish may add another £10 to this build but that will be it for the helmet. next I will use body filler to make this stronger then move onto the other pieces of the amour

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