I wanted to get a gift for my girlfriend sure I could buy flowers or chocolates but meh they are kinda not what a geeky girl wants…..a sword from an anime series? perfect. so I decided to build her the sword from the anime series kill la kill. A lot here was explained in my fallout helmet build so a lot of information on general bits and pieces may be found there

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This was an interesting model, again I used the good program pepakura to make a general shape out of card, much like the fallout helmet it was a case of fold and glue although this was instantly becoming a difficult build.

The model itself is an enclosed section and hollow inside, it became very fiddly to glue parts that needed pressure from the inside of the sword that I couldn’t reach, because of this the main body was rough to work from later

It was again a polyurethane job to harden the card model, this gave me a great solid base to work on, being careful with protective gloves when I applied the resin as it was hot and irritant on skin

it had 2 coats of polyurethane then after a couple of days setting it was ready for body filler to be applied. I used a body filler that was recommended by a friend who is a good engineer, big boy body filler. It is incredibly strong normally used to repair cars it was graded for another car crash so it must be strong enough for a prop sword.

This is also where my problems with getting the card folded and secure from before began to show themselves, the uneven base model had to have many coats of body filler to straighten it, this also made sanding difficult, bringing it all level to one large bump in the model made it hard to get the proportions of the sword correct. sanding proved to be a challenge too such a unique shape I had feeling I couldn’t make it truly straight and flat.

weeks passed of sanding and shaping almost everyday at the space, but soon I got to a shape I was happy with and finally said I’ll use PVA glue to seal in the dust of the body filler and fill in the tiny cavities, It worked quite well and became smooth enough to paint