The sword was now ready to paint, the pva glue had provided a good surface for great coverage


from this painting was easy, I used automotive spray paint it wasn’t any expensive brand but the coverage was great, a layer of primer even though I had pva glue which is a type of primer then 2 coats of gloss red. painted in a day and ready for varnish20160915_125618

I didn’t have to varnish it but I knew the paint might flake off in time so the varnish was the main seal and protector. It was gloss clear wood varnish from Wickes, I know wood varnish on body filler doesn’t sound right but I did check and varnish can go on pretty much anything to seal the surface.


The finished sword was okay, I want to come back to this and make it again or maybe try to twin sword to this, bright purple. I need to work on my sanding and I know now to really secure the base card model underneath, no holes or bumps.