I’ve had the need to make a part.

I originally planned to 3D print it but the ‘legs’ at the right hand side were just too fragile. A talk with the mechanical engineers at work turned up ‘Constant Manufacturing’ based in Oldham.

Large companies tend to shy away from the individual .

  1. They have a minimum order quantity.
  2. They insist on dealing with commercial companies.
  3. Their prices are too high.

I have no ties to Constant but they are a pleasant change from the norm. They were happy to accept a small run of 10 parts and quoted an excellent price, and they delivered within a week. Superb service from a local company.

On taking delivery of the parts, they need finishing.

The parts are made from 1.5mm sheet steel and have edges that when folded need fastening together.

So I wheeled out the trusty MIG welder.

This is a quite normal device for welding metal together. The acronym stands for Metal Inert Gas and it works by using an electrical arc to melt the metal, but it prevents the molten metal from oxidising by surrounding it in a shroud of inert gas. In my case this is  BOC Argoshield. A mix of argon and oxygen designed for welding sheet steel.

I’m not a professional welder but even I can manage an acceptable weld with this equipment.

And after grinding…


And a lick of paint….

the part is looking pretty good. So, if you have the need for metal fabrication, look locally first.