We have just got an ANET A8 here at Create Oldham and have already started printing some upgrades for it. So here is a blog post of the the journey so far.

The printer arrived around the end of November so I set about building it pretty quick.

Some of the other members got involved too!

The build took about 8 hours to do and after some tidying and cable management I didn’t even get chance to try it. So onto day to, it actually works – this comes as a shock to us makers we liek to tinker with things, since the ANET A8 is very popular among makers there are many many designs available On the well known 3d model site Thingiverse. The first print from the printer was a filament guide, the filament is mounted on two GRUNDTAL shelves from IKEA, I also made some adapters for our CEL filament so they spin freely on the shelves as this is where the filament feeds from.


The next upgrade was a set of supports that fit in the top two joints of the printer, these were interesting to print as they required a raft – rafts are used when a print has a very small surface area touching the bed, a raft increases this surface area and allows it to stick better.


the next upgrade was to install a Raspberry Pi, running OctoPi this meant we needed a way to mount the Raspberry Pi securely to our printer, i found an excellently designed mount for the ANET which uses friction mount to hold two clips that clip the  Pi in place, at first they feel very flimsy but when fitted they form a tight fit that stops the Pi falling off.

An image from the model page


OctoPi provides a web interface that runs a webcam stream and controls remotely, this means you don’t have to babysit your printer and can get on with other things such as designing new models!

Speaking of designing new models the printer now has a webcam, simply duct taping it to the wall wasn’t cutting the mustard so I set about designing a bespoke wall mounted mount in Fusion 360 – which is free for enthusiasts and makers alike.


Feel free to comment if you have any questions – I will do my best to answer!