Pottery at Create Oldham

We’re really trying to expand the range of activities we offer at Create Oldham, so we were delighted this week to sign up a new member who is a potter! Mostly we were delighted because we have a donated potter’s wheel that has sat at the back of our storage room for almost as long as anyone can remember.

So this week we dragged it out of storage, installed it in the members lounge and Maya has spent every day this week experimenting with air-drying clay (what we don’t have is a kiln). Maya is keen to share her skills and knowledge and several of us who hang out at Create on a regular basis are keen to have a go. We will hopefully be organising a few workshops very soon. There will be a cost, because we have to buy in some clay, but it won’t be expensive. Anyone interested in throwing a few posts can register their support by filling in our contact form, or messaging via our Facebook page.