Since the start of lockdown, Create Oldham has had to close the hub space until changes in government guidelines allow it to reopen. Members have had to find new ways to entertain themselves, from involving themselves in sports, arts and crafts, and volunteering.

Mike tells me that, despite being fortunate enough to continue working, he has filled his time learning to play the guitar, expanding his cooking skills, learning UWP programming, DAX data processing language and R programming language. Amongst this, he has also managed to fit in growing his own veg!

Hilary has been writing poetry and working on the libretto for a chamber opera needed by the start of July. She has also been gardening, learning how to free motion embroidery online and baking… “a little too much!”

Many of Create Oldham’s members have involved themselves with the Visors Project; a project set up by Create in response to the widespread lack of PPE in hospitals and other care and medical settings. Danny is one of those who volunteered his time to this project. He explained that he got involved to put his time to good use. His 3D printer is a hobby of his and, by using it, he hopes it will “prevent the spread and save a few lives.”

Harry has been using his time productively to buy tools for his dollhouse business. He explained that it is keeping him busy and focused during lockdown.

Another member has even started a new job during lockdown. He explained that he has been working from home and has met some of his colleagues, but not all. He said that it has been a strange time to start a job, but is “adjusting to the new normal”.

While we are all entertaining ourselves with our own separate projects, we welcome the day when our lives can return to normal and we can get back into the hub space.

It has been great to hear what some of our members have been up to during lockdown. If you are interested in writing a blog post about what you have been up to, or have any other ideas you would like to share, then send us a message. It is so important to stay connected and we would love to hear from you!