Member Mojo


As of 1st February 2020 Create Oldham has implemented a new membership and building sign in system. Members will now sign into the building using the IPad at the front desk, they will also be able to use a membership card to “scan in”.


What is Member Mojo?

Member mojo is an online membership platform, this will provide an array of new opportunities to improve the experience that Create Oldham members have.


The first improvement will be having information about Create Oldham more readily available to our members. Through the online portal, we are able to have a members online section and file download. This will be used to store our latest policies, announcements and additional information. There is also the ability to have member directories that will be used to provide contact details for volunteers and those certified to induct on machinery.


What do I need to do to get access?

Simply go to on any browser, we recommend a desktop or tablet browser. Select the log in button in the top right and enter the email you used to sign up with Create Oldham. If you are unsure what email you used, it will have our latest members newsletter sent to it, if you still struggle email Keiran at [email protected] The system will send an email to you, click the link and you will be logged in. You can also change your password at this stage or just continue to log in via an email link.


Why sign-up and get a membership card?

Members will have a smoother experience when entering the building when they are able to provide their membership number or scan their membership card. The cards have QR codes which are scanned by the IPad and automatically sign the member in.


What about junior members?

Junior members should be automatically linked to the relevant adult member, if this is not as you would expect (you can’t see your linked members) please let us know on mem[email protected]



How do I get a membership card?

Your membership card can be collected from Create Oldham, just ask the duty manager or group organiser.


Is the system GDPR compliant?

Yes, Member Mojo is fully GDPR compliant.


Who do I contact with a problem?

Please contact the helpdesk by filling in the form below.