Events Space & Co-working


Capacity ~ 40 seated

Make use of both the event space and co-working space for your event and we’ll include the bar area too.

Includes PA system and projector.

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  • Hirer. The person named on the booking form shall be considered the Hirer. Where an organisation is named, the person signing hereby confirms that they do so with full authority of the organisation.  The Hirer must be over 21 years of age.
  • The booking is not confirmed until the Hirer receives a confirmation email from Oldham Makers Ltd confirming dates and times.
  • Oldham Makers Ltd may refuse any application for the hire of the Building without stating a reason.
  • Payments. Payment must be made in full 7 days prior to the event to avoid cancellation of booking. Where a credit account exists a purchase order number must be included on the booking form.
  • The hire of the Building is for the specific agreed times shown on the booking form and does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the premises at any other time
  • Damages. The Hirer is responsible for all damage to the building, equipment, furniture and property in the building & grounds occurring during the period of the hiring or while persons are entering or leaving the building pursuant to the hire, however and by whomsoever caused. The Hirer will be responsible for replacement ‘as new’ of any equipment, furniture or property and for the full cost of making good any damage to the building, fixtures and fittings.
  • At the end of the event, the Hirer shall leave the building in a clean and orderly state. All rubbish and any other waste matter must be cleared from the building and suitably disposed of in the receptacles provided. In the case of large events all rubbish must be taken away by the hirer.
  • Cancellations. In the event of a cancellation the following charges apply.
    • 2 weeks notice – 25% of the booking fee
    • < 1 weeks notice –  50% of the booking fee
    • > 1 Weeks notice – 100% of the booking fee.